We ensure our customers have a clear understanding of their health conditions and to live a better life that they deserve

Verdulife is a comprehensive health management and training provider that helps individuals and organizations attain higher productivity by providing resources and education that can help them maximize their individual/collective health goals.

We all know the critical role of good health in achieving balanced living and wellness, we understand that with proper nutrition and better lifestyle choices directly impact health – which is the most crucial determinant for productivity and efficiency.

We promote safe and sustainable health management solutions. Our approach adopts, teaches and encourages better nutrition and positive lifestyle changes for disease management and prevention. We help individuals become more aware and in control of their health (and life) by showing them the benefits of proper nutrition and better lifestyle choices to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. By increasing their awareness about these issues, we empower them to make smarter health decisions for their own benefit along with the benefit of their loved ones.


My name is Levin Teo, founder and director of Verdulife Sdn Bhd.

In my past 10 years of working life, I have met a lot of employers and entrepreneur from different corporate. Most of their workers suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease etc. Employers are paying up too much of the unnecessary medical cost and yet the employees still cannot get back their quality life.

Most workers just go to clinic when they are sick, taking medicine, taking sick leave. It does not mean that taking medicine is not right, but if you just rely on medicine without making changes in your lifestyle, you will end up spending a lot of money on medical expenses and the problem remains unsolved.

“In order to have a healthy body, you have to start with a change in eating habits”

In 2016, I was honoured to meet a team of like-minded people. We all share the same idea and philosphy, that is, we believe that we only can change people’s thinking and mindset by establishing a correct nutrition concept through the conveyance of knowledge in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Because of this belief, we established Verdulife.

Verdulife is not only a health knowledge sharing platform, it will also be a comprehensive health education platform that gathers all professional nutritionists from all over Malaysia.

Through the nutritionists from different professions and the sharing of their experiences, we will provide a complete health education program to enhance people’s awareness of nutrition knowledge and teach people how to improve their health status with “whole food instead of medicine”.


Meet the people who make it all possible

Jayden Lee Chun Hsien

Board certification in nutritional medicine

BSc of Nutrition Science, University of Queensland, Australia

ISSA certification in sport nutrition and personal trainer

Certified HRDF trainer

Jayden Lee Chun Hsien obtained his BSc Degree in Nutrition Science at University of Queensland, Australia in 2012. After graduating, he further his study by getting another professional certification in Nutritional Medicine and Sport Nutrition. He has a lot of involvement in the Nutrition and Fitness Industry and is equipped with a range of knowledge in exercise planning and food nutrition such as diet planning, nutrition during infancy, childhood, adolescence, elderly as well as several diseases caused by malnutrition.

He has years of experience in conducting training and health talk to the public and corporate companies. He is a patient and dedicated person to deliver the knowledge to the public to ensure everyone can live a better and healthier life.

Levin Teo Qiu Ting

BSc of Environmental Science, The National University of Malaysia (UKM)

5 years of experience in Social Media Marketing

Proficient in starting a brand from zero

Levin Teo did not come from a marketing background, the reason why she started to learn and delve into social media marketing is because she started her own business online in 2018. Her passion for marketing started when she realized how powerful it is to connect with people through creative campaigns and messaging that resonates with them. She has more than 3 years’ experience working in various marketing roles, including social media management, content creation, and digital advertising. She believes that every brand has a unique story to tell, and she love crafting compelling narratives that engage and inspire audiences.

Jeey / Dr. Jelina

Executive Degree in Healthcare Management (Dietetic & Nutrition) at Asia Metropolitan University Malaysia
Honorary Doctorate of Humanities by Baptista Peace University, United Nation
Professional Diploma in Nutritional Medicine at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences
Professional Certificate in Nutritional Medicine at University College of Yayasan Pahang
International Certified AED & CRP Aider
Jeey (also known as Dr. Jelina) a Executive Degree graduate of Healthcare management in Dietetic and Nutrition at Asia Metropolitan University Malaysia. She is a passionate and experienced Nutrition Medicine Therapist. In order to continue to master her skill and knowledge, Ms. Jeey has been pursuing her studies on Nutrition Medicine since 2017 till this date. She has been helping hundreds of clients who suffered from chronic disease with adopting healthy eating habits together with right nutrients (Supplements). Her philosophy of being healthy is to have a Healthy mindset, Inner peace, Eating Balanced Diet and Be Active (Exercise).
Jenn / ThikTik Phon
BSc(Hon) Nutrition, The University of Nottingham

Certified Phlebotomy

Thik has obtained her BSc(Hon) in Nutrition at The University of Nottingham, Malaysia in the year of 2016. His participation in Uni-Cef competition by iCookAsia has motivated her to share the goodness of improve well-being with healthy easy find ingredients. After graduating, she started her career in Wellness also in pharmacy, and has been involved in performing venipuncture and nutrition consultation since then. She is a patient and dedicated person to share the knowledge with the public to ensure everyone can improve their life without stress in better and healthier.
Natalie Woo Pik Xuan

Bachelor of Nutrition with Honours, The National University of Malaysia (UKM)

First Prize Winner of Scientific Poster Competition Award 2022 in Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) Annual Scientific Conference

Natalie Woo Pik Xuan, a nutritionist who graduated from The National University of Malaysia (UKM) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science (Hons). She believes that nutritionists have the power to reach and educate people who might not have access to credible nutrition information and help inspire healthy living. She is passionate about nutrition education, weight management, diabetes management, and child nutrition. Eating is a necessity, but eating intelligently is an art. As a nutritionist, her goal is to help people improve their health by increasing public awareness and attention to the importance of making informed food choices and developing physical activity habits to lower the risk of chronic diseases.
Dr. Medelene Ong
Certified Psychotherapist, ABNLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Mindfulness Coach
President of the Malaysia Mind Body Medicine Practitioner Association
Advocate of Integrated Health and Beauty Wellness Coaching
Highly sought-after HRD Corp Trainer and lecturer of clinical hypnotherapy to the medical and non-medical team
Chief Trainer in Mental Health First Aid
Dr Madelene is a well-established professional with extensive experience with more than 25 years in the field of holistic healthcare training. Her focus on emotional wellness and passion for helping others achieve their full potential is evident through her work. She is particularly skilled in working with adolescents and young adults, providing them with the tools to improve their mental and emotional well-being. Dr Madelene has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry, promoting Singapore medical tourism, supporting patients with chronic diseases and neurological conditions, and providing case management services to doctors and patients. As an environmentalist, she also actively seeks solutions to ensure a seamless transition towards the green movement.

Dr Shawn Lee Ji Kwan

Doctoral Degree in Psychology

Master Degree in Clinical and Counselling Psychology

Dr Shawn Lee Ji Kwan is a clinical psychologist, currently serving as a visiting psychologist at Hospital Selayang Pain Clinic and the co-founder of Psycle Consultancy Psychological Services. He obtained his PhD from UPM, MClinPsych from UKM, and BPsych from HELP University College. He has been working with patients with chronic pain in a multidisciplinary team since 2011 and has developed a deep passion for the psychological management of pain. Apart from pain management, Dr Shawn provides psychological assessment and intervention for individuals with behavioral, developmental, health, and mental health challenges. His areas of clinical expertise include childhood disorders (i.e. developmental, learning, and behavioral), adult common mental disorders (i.e. depressive and anxiety disorders), chronic pain conditions, and other health and psychiatric conditions (e.g. insomnia, obesity, stress, and procrastination). In addition, Shawn sits on the Board of Editorial Consultants for the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH), a leading journal in the field of medical hypnosis.

Lavinia Chew

Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Lavinia Chew comes from a clinical background with over 8 years spent in Gleneagles Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. Having experience in treating patients ranging from simple aches and pains, to traumatic brain injuries. Lavinia has spent the last few years putting together a unique program for women’s health physiotherapy. It is her passion to improve the quality of life and health of all that come within her sphere of influence.

Lavinia has the passion in educating the public about the importance of taking care of the health and wellness of oneself. She has also spoken in many talk and health programs in the past 2 years, of averagely once a month in various events and corporate. Up to date, she has spoken and educated more than 1000 Pax in total.

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